Blah, Blah, Blah : A Vocabulary-driven Approach to Lesson Planning

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Theories of natural language acqusition and of language acquisition by very young learners often describe the learner as being “submersed” in a “sea of vocabulary”. Drawing on the corpus-based model of English Language Teaching, separating “Knowing and Understanding” from the functions of labelling and describing, this programme shows how a vocabulary-based approach can take students from Beginner / CEFR-A1 to Intermediate / CEFR-B2, while taking advantage of student vocab 02interests and enthusiasm and of work done in other subject areas.

What : An introduction to vocabulary-based English Language Teaching as a means of energising students and as a programme-design model. Participants will gain both a programme outline and a model for future planning

Who : For teachers in bilingual, immersion, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) programmes and for all teachers of first cycle (1º – 4º), second cycle (5º – 8º) or third cycle (1º – 4ºM).

Length : eight hours – one-day intensive or two half-days semi-intensive or four two-hour sessions

Eligible for SENCE : yes

Eligible for Ley SEP : yes

Format : seminar, interactive

Modalities : face-to-face “open”, or face-to-face “closed”

Recommended previous programmes : nonevocab 03

Recommended English level : CEFR-B2 or higher*

Contents :

Session I – Theoretical justification, planning model
Session II – Topics and Sub-topics
Starters III – Vocabulary and derived structures
Starters IV – Activities, resources and materials

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