Británico Cookbook Menu 2015

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Sessions from the 2015 Británico Cookbook Menu are each a standard 3¼ hours, however two-hour and four-hour versions are also possible. Ask us! Please click here for general information on the Británico Cookbook.

Rabbiting on – conversation (target audience : G5 – 12 teachers)

This session examines activities and strategies which get students talking in class with special attention to the role of the teacher and to minimising “TTT” (Teacher Talking Time”) while maximising “STT” which brings both fluency and accuracy. The problem after taking this session will be getting students to stop talking!

Bringing your coursebook alive (target audience : G1 – 12 teachers)

One of the most common complaints, from teachers and students alike, is that the textbook is “boring”. This session shows ways of “humanising” a textbook to make it more alive, relevant, engaging and entertaining, regardless of the ages or levels of student or teacher.

Music and Songs (target audience : EY – G12 teachers)

music 01For most students, music is a huge motivator. How can we make use of this preference? How can we use music successfully in the English classroom?

Playing Games in English (target audience : EY – G12 teachers)

Through playing games, students develop communicative, social and emotional skills. This session introduces and adapts strategies and engaging activities and games for teachers which they can include as an important part in English classes, and which allow students to participate in a context where learning will occur naturally.

Taming terrible tots – teaching very young learners (target audience : EY teachers)

Are you the students´ favourite teacher, or have you become a Kindergarten Cop? In this session, experienced teachers of very young learners share their experience through tried and tested activities which provide students with fun-filled opportunities to use the target language.

Task-based language learning (target audience : G5 – 12 teachers)

Are your students´ tasks far from being realistic and close to their reality? This approach takes the learners ‘immediate personal experience as the point of departure for their learning experience. Students “learn by doing”. They move from what they already know and can do to the incorporation of new knowledge and skills. Teachers enjoy teaching motivated students since this method emphasises authentic language through meaningful tasks such as visiting the doctor or making a telephone call. This method encourages meaningful communication, is student-centered and in this session, teachers analyse different examples of activities that incorporate meaningful tasks to the acquisition of a second language.

Total physical response, TPR (target audience : EY – G8 teachers)

Let your students learn English through kinetic classwork with TPR. This approach is based upon principles of child language acquisition, in which the child gives physical responses when listening to language. TPR’s ultimate instructional goal is to teach oral proficiency and conversational fluency. Physical movement helps the child learn and remember the language and promotes fun, entertaining and stress free activities, which also facilitates learning. Teachers in this session share different activities based on this theory and suggest innovative teaching techniques to be shared and complemented with colleagues´ ideas.

Dynamite dictation (target audience : G6 – 12 teachers)

bangThis session throws out the idea that dictation is an outdated activity, inflexible and boring. It focusses on proven forms of dictated communications which are entertaining, motivating, and educational, while allowing students to develop all four language skills.

And the Oscar goes to … (target audience : G6 – 12 teachers)

As the title suggests, this session comes from the dramatic side of EFL. We explore topics connected with self-expression through dialogues, role plays and ensemble work, with special attention to shy or introverted students so that they become more involved in class while using English in engaging and creative activities.

Teenage tearaways! (target audience : G9 – 12 teachers)

Are you frustrated by the constant shrugging of your teenage students´ shoulders? Their indifference? Their apathy? This session explores different ways to motivate and involve your class, with practical activities that you can use or adapt.

Teaching unplugged (target audience : G5 – 12 teachers)

This session examines different ways to cope when the photocopier does not work and you have left the workbook at home. Without photocopying or technology, what activities can be done in the classroom? How can you make students the centre of attention? How do you deal with this situation, equipped only with a marker?

Warmers, ice-breakers, pick-me-ups and closers (target audience : G5 – 12 teachers)

Do you find challenges in energising your students at the beginning of a class? Are you tied of the groans when you ask them to open their books? Do you find that announcing homework can take your class to a low point? This session examines different ways of giving life to a lesson and different ways of revising previous topics and of introducing new material.

The more the merrier: teaching large, mixed ability classes (target audience : EY – G12 teachers)

The more the merrier! This session focuses on practical advice for teachers who work with large groups of multiple levels. Participants learn techniques to energize the classroom, while developing motivation, interest and student-participation.

A picture is worth 1000 words (target audience : EY – G12 teachers)

Do you know how to get the most out of photos / graphics in your classroom? Review some classic methods of using pictures in the EFL classroom, and learn new ones. This session explores ways of using visual material in class, whether professional custom material or images specially prepared for foreign-language teaching.

Fluency towards Reading (target audience : G1 – 12 teachers)

Understanding stops when the decoding process takes too long which causes your short-term memory to fail to retain what you have just read. This session reviews and develops strategies so that students have a better understanding of the texts they read. This can be achieved by developing, firstly, the fluidity which makes a “bridge” better and more effectively to arrive at understanding.

Exam Preparation Booster (target audience : G5 – 12 teachers)

Are you a PET or FCE teacher? Are you concerned that your students are more interested in the colour of the walls or what is happening outside the room than in what you are doing? This session explores different ways of preparing students for examinations and at the same time activities which will bring your classes to life.

Even grammar can be fun (target audience : G1 – 12 teachers)

This workshop provides teachers with dynamic, fun and appealing classroom activities to make students recognise and produce grammatical structures, verb tenses and corresponding vocabulary units while having fun. Teachers will be able to adapt these activities to their classroom reality and show their students different and innovative ways of learning grammar.