Británico School English Diagnostic Test

Would you like a comprehensive analysis of your student´s strengths and weaknesses in the English language?

Would you like to know where your students are relative to the CEFR, with recommendations on what you can do to get them there?


exams 02If your answer to either of these questions is “yes”, then you need Británico´s School English Diagnostic Test. Unlike the School English Level Test, this test has additional optional features and provides group reports with results analysis and programme / teaching recommendations. The Diagnostic Test is an invaluable teaching tool, evaluative instrument and supervisory measure, and can be used for student class assignments, and course or international examination readiness.

Note :Sampling is not appropriate for diagnostic purposes.

The basic Diagnostic Test covers :

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Use of English
  • Listening Comprehension

Available for additional fees :

  • Writing Test (CEFR-A2 and above)
  • Speaking Test
  • Británico Completion or Performance Certificate (tbc)

The Levels tested are :

  • CEFR-A1
  • CEFR-A2
  • CEFR-B1
  • CEFR-B2

The minimum group size is 30 students. Individual reports are not available. Generally, only a week is needed to set up a Diagnostic Test and the report is ready in two weeks. Contact us to speak with a programme advisor about Británico´s School Diagnostic English Test.

Británico´s Diagnostic Test is also available in Spanish for your Spanish as a Second / Foreign Language programmes and students.

For more information on any of Británico´s evaluation services, contact us now to speak with a programme advisor.