British accents and dialects

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An interactive workshop based on the description of the main phonological features of the most representative British accents and dialects currently spoken in the UK. Audiovisual material and transcription exercises are used to show differences and similarities among accents from a contrastive point of view.


accents-02Session 1: (2 hours)

  • Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology: Key concepts
  • Accents & dialects: definition and examples
  • Overview of the main British accents and dialects
  • New trends in Received Pronunciation (RP)

Session 2: (2 hours)

  • Rhoticity in English
  • Northern accents versus southern accents
  • Merseyside English: Scouse Accent
  • Broad Yorkshire accent

Session 3: (2 hours)

  • Scottish English: Scots
  • Irish English
  • Midlands English
  • West country accents

Session 4: (2 hours)

  • London accents: Multicultural London
  • Estuary English: is EE the new RP?
  • Kentish & Essaxon
  • Welsh English


  • English Language Teachersdialects-01
  • Anyone with an interest in English Dialectology

Format     Face-to-face interactive seminar

Level     One (introductory)

Pre-requisites     English CEFR-B2

Number of hours     8

SENCE-eligible     Yes

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