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Recent reviews on CELTA at Británico

“It was an intensive course, but I learned a lot and I will put everything in practice once the holidays are over.” “It was an amazing course. I had a…

Senate House, Cambridge

Universities´Admissions Testing Services

Applicants to certain UK and other universities around the world, and/or to certain undergraduate and graduate courses at others, who must sit admission tests may now do so in Santiago….

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Looking for DELTA

The British University (UCBC) is the only authorised CELTA provider in Chile, and is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the region´s better providers.   Plans to offer the…

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Postitulo in Teaching Mathematics in English

This is not an event notice, so if you would like to know when this programme is to be offered, join our emailing list and like us on Facebook to…

Postítulo en la Enseñanza de Inglés para Profesores de Educación General Básica y Educadores de Párvulos

For more information on this programme (in Spanish), please click here to visit the UCBC website.   This qualification is aimed at trained and qualified Early Years and Primary (Spanish)…

Top in Chile

The Ministry of Education (“MinEduc”) has ranked the British University (“UCBC”) among the top three institutions in Chile for the employability of its translation-studies graduates. “The importance of this ranking…

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Cultural talks

Through our partnerships with prestigious UK universities, including the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and the Institute of Education at the University of London inter alia, we host visiting students…

What is a translator and what are the opportunities?

One of our specialist advisors can come to your school. Contact us for more information..

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Thinking of a teaching career?

School Services Británico Chile would like to be a part of your Career Guidance programme. We can speak to your G9 (1ºM) and G10 (2ºM) students about career orientation, and…