Recent reviews on CELTA at Británico

“It was an intensive course, but I learned a lot and I will put everything in practice once the holidays are over.”

“It was an amazing course. I had a great and enriching experience. I learned so many new things. Teachers were always available for supporting us. And the relationship with other students was fantastic in terms of helping each other. The library is a wonderful place for studying and preparing classes. You find magnificent books and material there. Wifi was in the entire building that was awesome and using the computer there and printing our material was really helpful and remarkable. I’m very happy and satisfied to have taken Celta at Universidad Chileno Británico.”

“The course was excellent. Teachers really knew what they were doing.”

“It was a very rewarding experience. I’ve been working as a teacher for little time, so this course has helped me review plenty of things that I had learnt in my previous studies. And I would totally recommend the CELTA course to my colleagues, because it is going to help them improve the areas they might lack knowledge in, as it helped me become a better teacher today.”

“I found the course incredibly useful and very rewarding.”

“Great experience, great team of tutors and the environment created among the class was rewarding”

“A very rewarding experience, a well designed teaching program with real training on teaching, excellent tutors it was totally worth it.”

“A very intensive course that makes you work for everything to show your progress. It is worth all the effort and sleepless nights as our tutors ensure that we get the concepts and the model for teaching. I’m happy with the outcome.”

“The experience itself was great, I learnt a lot from my tutors, who really cared about our learning and our performance as teachers.”CESOL 01