Universities like Cambridge students

95% of Cambridge International A Level students who apply to UK universities receive offers, according to new research bUCAS, the UK Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

From 2014-2017, research showed:

  • 95% of Cambridge International A Level students who applied to UK higher education institutions were offered places. This equates to over 67,700 offers.
  • Of the 95%, sixty-two percent (62%) of Cambridge International A Level applicants were accepted into ‘higher tariff’ universities, the 24 most sought-after and reputable universities in the UK (including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Durham and the London School of Economics, and all of the ‘Russell Group’ universities).
  • A further 25% were accepted at medium tariff universities, and 13% at lower tariff institutions.

This breakdown shows that students who have taken Cambridge International A Levels are better placed than most other students to get top places. 

When we look at the total figures of all students who applied to study at UK institutions, only 28% of all applicants get into the Russell Group universities – less than half the figure for Cambridge learners.

The figures also show that over the same three-year period 2014-2017, the number of Cambridge International A Level students applying to study in the UK almost doubled, as did the number of students who were offered places.

The data shows that engineering and business studies were the most popular subjects for applicants with Cambridge International A Levels. These were followed by social studies, biological sciences, law, medicine, maths, computer science and creative arts.

While this data is providing a rich resource for further research, it shows very positive trends for students with Cambridge International qualifications who wish to study at the UK’s top universities.

Source : Cambridge International Examinations