University admissions staff rate Cambridge International students highly

A new survey has found that higher education admissions officers are extremely enthusiastic about the benefits of Cambridge [International Examinations] in equipping students for university.

One hundred and thirty higher education institutions in 10 countries responded to the survey. These included Ivy League [the best in the USA] and Russell Group [the best in the UK] universities.

Ninety-eight per cent said that Cambridge qualifications give students an excellent preparation for university, and the same percentage said that our qualifications help students to succeed once they have achieved university places.

All … respondents agreed that Cambridge students arrive at university with an in-depth knowledge of their subject, and 100 per cent also said that Cambridge students were able to communicate logically and clearly.

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Cambridge International Examinations is represented in Chile by the British University, the UCBC.

Cambridge English Examinations is represented by the British Institute, the ICBC.

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