Competency-based and Skills-based education

Our curriculum and evaluation specialists work with you and your colleagues to re-frame your programme as transversal and cross-curricular :

  • use MinEduc texts from a skills-based and competency-based Teaching and Learning approach
  • develop learner autonomy in using MinEduc texts and
  • evaluate student progress from a skills-based and competency-based perspective

Who : This programme is intended for all teachers of all subjects at all levels in all languages; the best results come from involving all your school´s teaching and supervisory staff.

Length : Tcompetency 02he “off-the-shelf” 33-hour version includes both  initial face-to.face, and follow-up and reinforcement elements over the ensuing semester or academic year. The programme can also be adapted to meet your school´s specific needs.

Objectives : To prepare and develop effective teaching and learning approaches, through which students can also increasingly take responsibility for their own learning. At the same time, to create and develop cross-curricular assessment instruments, based on developing learning-skills and competencies, for all areas of Chile´s education curriculum.

Contents : Participants are divided into groups with a mix of experience, levels and subjects taught. Contents are explored in the following order :

  • development of learning guides (1/3)
  • creation of  assessment tools (1/3)
  • monitoring and follow-up (1/3)

Sessions are both dynamic and reflective of the needs of group members. The first third is devoted to the creation and development of learning guides through activities such as groupwork and pairwork, individual and group presentations of different interactive activities and assigned tasks.

The second third is focussed on creating assessment tools for the acquisition and development of skills and competencies, using various activities such as groupwork, pairwork, oral presentations and other interactive activities. Finally, group members present their learning guides and the corresponding assessment instruments to their colleagues.

The final third is devoted to the monitoring of the effectiveness of the above learning-guides and assessment instruments. This monitoring is guided by staff from the British University of Chile, and reviewed in the ensuing sessions, so as to discuss the results and to implement improved methods of learning and assessment for Chile´s education curriculum.

This programme is offered in Spanish so that all your colleagues can participate.

Ley-SEP, FAEP and SENCE-eligible.

Contact us to find out how this programme can help your school.