Continuous Professional Development

Maintain and develop your (and your staff´s) professional skills and knowledge through a programme of Continuous Professional Development (“CPD”)


Keep up-to-date!!
Meet training and development requirements!!
Maintain enthusiasm!!
Gain fresh ideas!!
Hear and share best practice!!

Ten sessions, one session per month over the academic year (March – December)
SENCE-eligible (20 or 33 hours)
At your site, and on days and at times of your choosing

Possible ContentsCoP 02

  • Content-based Language Learning
  • Curriculum
  • Discipline and Class Management
  • Evaluation
  • Language Clinics
  • Methodology
  • Teaching literature
  • Technology
  • Use of Texts
  • … and more!

You can also choose from the famous Británico Cookbook, or we can create a programme for you

Possible ApproachesCoP 01

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