Discussion Programmes

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Fluency in English comes from practice, and what better way for students to practise than through discussion? Británico´s InSchool English Programmes Department offers two types of discussion programme for upper-level and advanced students.

Free Conversation

discuss 01

It´s what´s written on the tin. This activity has no set topic and follows the interests of the students, and the activity leader keeps the conversation moving along with questions and judicious input. Free conversation provides a great opportunity for practice and fluency.

Guided Conversation (better referred to as “Discussion”)

The Guided Discussion is essentially the same as two of the CPD programmes we offer teachers : the “Professional Learning Network” and the “Community of Practice. The programme has an overarching theme or subject area which each meeting explores,such as :

  • Current events
  • Newspaper headlines of the day
  • Politics, regions, countries
  • History, people, events
  • Topics from students´ other classes
    discuss 02

The activity leader selects source material (a written, video or audio text) which explores the theme or subject area before the meeting, for example

  • a newspaper article
  • a podcast or YouTube video
  • a radio or TV clip

Students spend a few minutes reading / viewing / listening to the text; the activity leader asks comprehension questions, s/he reviews selected language items from the text (vocabulary, grammar, usage) and then the group moves into the guided discussion through interpretive / exploratory questions.

The Guided Discussion has an academic aspect, a language development element and a fluency and practice element and is truly a wonderful activity for advanced and/or older students who like to talk.

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