Running an English Club

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club 01This two-part short-course is aimed at those who want to develop the skills and strategies needed to run an English Club (or “workshop”) as an extra-curricular activity in their school, at any level and for any age. Participants will learn how to develop a Club mission (academic and recreational), design goals and create a programme that fits the needs and realities of their institution and the profiles of their students, with the aim of improving student English in a dynamic and interactive manner outside the regular class.

The short-course focusses on communicative approaches and on active or experiential learning. Participants will also learn how better to analyse their particular situations and the options open to them in creating an effective and efficient programme.

Contents Part One

  • Logistical considerations : benefits, goals and purposes, marketing, students, parents, colleagues, finances, budgetting, internal policies etc
  • Programme overview : general objectives, types and audiences, standards, outcomes, planning etc

Contents Part Two

  • Programme design and planning specific to different ages : activities, materials, resources, programme design for 3 – 5 years, 6 – 10 years, 10 – 14 years, 14 – 18 years
  • Programme design and planning specific to different levels : activities, materials, resources, programme design for beginners, CEFR-A1, CEFR-A2, CEFR-B1, CEFR-B2, CEFR-C1

At the end of the full programme, participants will have developed outline annual plans, ready to implement, for two different groups and levels.

Suitable for     English teachers and administrators

Pre-requisities     English CEFR-B2.


  • Part One : 8 hours, SENCE-eligible
  • Full programme : 16 hours, SENCE-eligible

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