English Qualifications for Students

We can provide courses and examination preparation workshops for Cambridge English Examinations in your school. We can offer information sessions for students, teachers, parents and the community on what the examinations cover, and why international English qualifications are so important in today´s increasingly international world.

We can give you all the support you need to run a successful examinations programme and to achieve great results. Our staff include trainers and examiners with specific and extensive experience in these examinations and in examination preparation. (Please click here for information on courses and qualifications for teachers.)

Young Learners Series (typically ages 8 – 11)

  • Flyers
  • Movers
  • Starters

General English for Schools Series (typically ages 11 – 16)

These are at the same level as the corresponding adult examinations, however the topics and prompts  reflect the younger learner´s life experiences.

  • Preliminary English Test for Schools (“PETfS”)
  • Key English Test for Schools (“KETfS”)
  • First Certificate in English (“FCEfS”)

General English (typically ages 16 and up)

  • First Certificate in English
  • Cambridge Advanced English

Contact us for more information on international English examinations, courses, workshops and support.