English Teaching Methodology Pathways

School Services provides you (and your colleagues) Professional Development pathways in English-language teaching methodologies. For information on programmes, click on the links below. For information on specific events, click on the links below-right, join our emailing list and like us on Facebook to receive regular updates.


Minimum English level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (“CEFR”) required for entry and for programme success.)


Británico Cookbook


TKT Core Modules
+ TKT Practical (optional)

The Teaching Knowledge Test provides a solid theoretical and philosophical foundation for English Language Teaching (“ELT”), and for moving on to teaching Young Learners or teaching English through content (“CLIL”) or on to CELTA.

TKT Young Learners
+ TKT Practical (optional)

Although aimed primarily at teachers of children aged 6  – 11, much is transferable to other age groups.

TKT Content and Language Integrated Learning
+ TKT Practical (optional)

Teaching English through other subject areas, such as mathematics or art or physiucal education; also known as “English as a Medium of Instruction (“EMI”) and “immersion” approaches.



Probably the pre-eminent English Language Teaching qualification worldwide.

CELTA Young Learners


Professional Development (“PD”) Programmes offered by the British University (“UCBC“)


Diplomado en Metodología Young Learners (in development)

Postítulo en Inglés para Profesores de EGB y Párvulos

Postítulo Educación Matemática en Inglés


Teaching Degree Programmes offered by the British University (“UCBC“)


Educación Pavularia Mención Inglés

Educación General Básica Mención Inglés

Pedagogía en Inglés


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