Evaluation Services

 Whether it is evaluation for learning or evaluation of learning, School Services Británico can help.



We can work with you to define and to design your evaluation practices, to ensure that you have the tools and approaches to fit your programme and to meet your goals. We can evaluate your current practices, and work with you to implement any desired changes at all levels from Board to Administration to classroom level in terms of policy and procedure creation, implementation, staff development and the obtaiing of materials and resources.assess02


We offer a range of evaluation tools and approaches to measure student (and teacher) attainment from the Cambridge English Examinations suite to tailored programmes from the British University Chile, from paper-based to online formats and covering all the knowledge and skills of English language acquisition including but not limited to written and oral production, written and oral reception, grammar and vocabulary, even public speaking. We of course provide full support for the attainment-assessment services we provide.


We offer a range of assessment instruments to enable you to ascertain whether a student (or a teacher) is at the level necessary to enter or to succeed in a programme.


We offer a range of assessment instruments to diagnose the English-language strengths and weassessaknesses of programmes, students and teachers, and can elaborate on what the results indicate with resultant recommendations. We of course provide full support for the diagnostic assessment services we provide.

Examination Readiness

We also offer practice assessments, mock examinations, pre-testing and examination overviews inter alia, all with performance reports and detailed feedback both for groups and for individual performances.


The Ministry of Education (“MinEduc”) wants all English teachers to be at CEFR-B2 level (FCE, IELTS 5.0) or higher, and in the near future at CEFR-CI (CAE, IELTS 6.5) or higher. If you are unsure as to your level, or if you lack a formal English-language qualification, contact us. We can help.

And finally …

We can also assist you in linking your evaluation policies and procedures to your programmes of Continuous Professional Development. For more information on School Services Británico´s evaluation services, or to reach an evaluation specialist, please contact us.