Examination Services

We offer a full range of services to assist you in implementing, developing and excelling in a programme of international English examinations. As a Cambridge English Examinations (“CEE”) platinum centre and with 80 years´ experience, we are Chile´s leading provider of International English Examination services.


Support Services

Our support services range from registration assistance to examination selection advice to problem-solving and examination trouble-shooting.

Professional Development Services

From workshops for teachers and schools new to the examinations, to update and refresher programmes for returning teachers and schools, we provide services specific to the two suites (Cambridge Young Learners and Cambridge for Schools series), and to the examinations within the suites. We also provide programmes leading to internationally-recognised methodology examinations for teachers, the Teaching Knowledge Test (“TKT”) and its three extension modules and the Certificate in Teaching English (“CELTA”), and Coaching & Mentoring and Critical Friend programmes.

Programme ServicesCEE

From evaluation of your existing programmes, to programme design and implementation, we can help you improve or to create something new.

And finally

Our Examination Support Services are available to schools, language institutes and private teachers. Contact us to speak with a programme specialist and learn how we can support you.