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  Programmes for English* Language providers, including private teachers and Institute owners, directors, directors of studies and teachers.
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English Teaching* Methodology Programmes and Qualifications

Our most popular methodology programmes for English language* Institute and private teachers are :

  • Cookbook : chosen from the Británico Cookbook (2, 3.25 and 4-hours sessions on specific topics; two, four or five such sessions become a SENCE-eligible workshop)inst02
    • Also bespoke or tailor-made programmes following the Cookbook format
    • Open, closed, face-to-face and online modalities
  • TKT : the Teaching Knowledge Test (“TKT”) offered by Cambridge English Examinations, leading to the Young Learners, Content-based and Practical modules
    • Preparation courses
    • Examinations and examination-readiness workshops for self-prepared and language institute students,
    • Open, closed, face-to-face and online modalities available
  • CELTA : the Certificate in Teaching the English Language to Adults (“CELTA”) offered by Cambridge English Examinations, and provided in Chile by the British University. CELTA is probably the pre-eminent ELT qualification worldwide, and Británico Chile is one of the leading providers in Latin America.
    • One-month intensive and semester-long part-time options
    • Face-to-face only

Open programmes are offered from time to time at one of our eight Santiago locations; most convenient for private teachers and for institutes with a small staff. Please like us on Facebook or contact us to be placed on the mailing list to receive information on the next event.

Closed programmes are held at your site, and at dates and times which suit you. Please contact us to speak with one of our programme specialists.

Online programmes are just what it says!

Please click here for more information on the methodology pathways we offer.

Coming soon :

  • TKT Taster – an overview of and introduction to the TKT
  • CELTA Taster an overview of and introduction to CELTA
  • Santiago CELTA Newtwork – post-CELTA Professional Development

*We believe in, promote and offer communicative-based language teaching and learning. Therefore, although here we discuss English and these programmes are offered in English, the methodologies are generally transferable to other contexts and language classrooms.

English Teaching Methodology Examinations

As the only open examination centre for Cambridge English Examinations in Santiago, we offer TKT examinations for self-taught candidates and for candidates prepared by other institutes. Please click here for examination and examination-registration dates. If your institute has sufficient TKT candidates for a closed examination session other than these dates, please contact us.

English Language Examinations

For both teachers and students, we offer the full suite of Cambridge English Examinations from Young Learners Flyers to Cambridge Proficiency in English (“CPE”) and the International English Language Testing System (“IELTS”).Show the world how good your English and your English-tinst 01eaching is! Please click here for more information.

  • IELTS : Click here for the next IELTS examination dates
  • IELTS : Click here to contact us about the next IELTS preparation courses and examination readiness workshops

Are you preparing students for English Language Examinations?

We also provide examination-preparation and examination-readiness programmes for teachers, and full examination support for teachers and Institute administrators.

Educational Leadership

Please click here for more information.

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