Interactive Whiteboard

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Update 10/10/14 – the 16-hour online workshop also includes an additional four hours face-to-face or web-conferencing FREE!! Two hours of personal instruction before the online course and two hours personal instruction afterwards.

Do you have an Interactive Whiteboard (“IWB”) gathering dust somewhere in your school? We can show you how to use it.

This workshop comprises Module One of our Diploma programme. Contact us for more information on the Diploma. This Module explores the concept of the IWB and introduces the use and applications of IWB software.

Topics to be explored

  • What is an IWB?

Exploring the important elements: interface, projector, audio-visual material, Internet, interaction

  • IWB software

Installation, basic, intermediate and advanced level use, troubleshooting

Module Components

  • Three units that demonstrate, through videos and practical work, how to install and put an IWB to work, as well as the application of IWB software tools.
  • One unit that offers the opportunity to review and practise the module’s contents through interiwb 02active tutorials and self-evaluation instances.
  • Discussion forums to post questions or share ideas.


By the end of the 16 hours of training, students will be able to:

  • Physically operate an Interactive Whiteboard and connect all its components
  • Master basic, intermediate and advance tools of the IWB software.
  • Carry out basic troubleshooting

Student profile

This course is designed for teachers with an intermediate level of English with computing skills that allow them to feel comfortable working on websites and by email.

Online Platform

We make us of a moodle platform which contains all the module’s contents and permits students to communicate with each other andwith the tutor.


  • Discussion forums and related activities: 20% (Units 1 & 2)
  • Assessments to demonstrate ability to use intermediate functions of software: 80% (Unit 4)

Certification (Qualification)

The Instituto Chileno Británico de Cultura de Santiago gives a certificate for passing this module to students who have successfully completed the above evaluations.

This workshop is offered as both open and closed programmes. Contact us to placed on the emailing list for the next open programme, or to ask about arranging a closed programme at your school.

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