Introduction to the Cambridge Primary Programme

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Description     An introduction to the Cambridge International Examinations programme for grades K – 5; much of the content of this course applies also to the Cambridge Secondary I (G6 – 8) Programme thus providing a comprehensive syllabus for Chile´s Educación Básica.

Cambridge International programmes provide the best option for Chilean teachers and schools with or seeking 21st century teaching and learning, international standards, a global orientation and a high level of English or Spanish / English bilingualism.


  • Overview of Cambridge International ExaminationsCIE - Primary
  • Cambridge Learner Attributes
  • Skills (competency)-based Teaching & Learning and Evaluation
  • Standards (outcome)-based Teaching & Learning and Evaluation
  • Collaborative planning
  • Considerations of Bilingualism
  • Using Cambridge Primary to develop / reinforce a bilingual programme
  • Overview of the Cambridge Primary Programme
  • Overview of Cambridge Primary English
  • Overview of Cambridge Primary Mathematics
  • Overview of Cambridge Primary Science
  • CIE - progressionOverview of Cambridge Global Perspectives
  • Overview of Cambridge ICT Starters
  • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
  • Cambridge Primary Programme and SIMCE


  • Teachers who will or may be affected by this programme
  • Teachers and administrators in schools considering this programme
  • Teachers and administrators in schools which plan to implement this programme
  • Teachers and administrators seeking employment in schools which offer this programme

CIE - Primary CheckpointFormat     Face-to-face interactive seminar

Level     One (introductory)

Pre-requisites     English CEFR-B2; CEFR-C1 is strongly recommended

Number of hours     8

SENCE-eligible     Yes

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