Británico School English Level Test

Are you a teacher and you would like to know if your students are at or above a CEFR level?

Are you an administrator and you would like to know if your students are meeting curricular expectations?

Would you like to set a baseline for future value-added assessments?

Would you like to know if you are on track for student success in international English Language examinations?

Do you need something quick, easy and reasonably priced?


If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you need Británico´s School English Level Test.

Aka “quick and dirty”, these tests are fast, cheap and uncomplicated. You predict a student´s Clevel 02EFR level and we will tell you if s/he is at / above the specified level or not. The Level Test is a useful teaching tool, evaluative instrument and supervisory measure, and can be used for student placement in terms of whether s/he is suitable for a class, course or international examination (Británico´s English Diagnostic Test should be used for class placements).

You will receive a report stating whether the student is “at / above level” or “not at level”, (Results analysis, commentary and recommendations for future teaching approaches are available only with Británico´s English Diagnostic Test.)

Note : For many purposes, rather than testing the entire cohort, sampling provides the information schools need. By sampling, we mean that students are ranked by the school and three students at each decile (ie, 10th percentile, 20th percentile, 30th percentile etc) take the Level Test. This can of course be repeated during the school year should the school want to monitor student progress and/or teacher performance.

The Británico School English Level Test covers :

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Use of English
  • Listening Comprehension

(Writing and Speaking assessments are typically available only with Británico´s English Diagnostic Test.)

Available for additional fees :

  • Británico Completion or Performance Certificate (tbc)

The Levels tested are :

  • CEFR-A1
  • CEFR-A2
  • CEFR-B1
  • CEFR-B2

The minimum group size is 30 students and generally, a week only is needed to set up a Level Test. The report is ready in a week. For more information on Británico´s School English Level Test, contact us now to speak with a programme advisor.

Británico´s Level Test is also available in Spanish for your Spanish as a Second / Foreign Language programmes and students.

For more information on any of Británico´s evaluation services, including Cambridge English Examinations´ “English for Young Learners” and “English for Schools” series, contact us now to speak with a programme advisor.