PD – Closed Programmes

This information relates to Professional Development opportunities we offer to and on behalf of a group; you may participate in a “closed” programme only if you are with that group. To learn more about “open” programmes, which anyone can attend, please click here.


Closed programmes, or closed enrolment programmes, are face-to-face professional development programmes we offer according to our client´s needs, throughout the year.  A closed programme can be bespoke, something created just for you, or it could be one of our existing “off-the-shelf” programmes delivered at your site to your group.

  • With a closed programme, we create a programme to meet your needs, including the delivery method(s) and content(s).
  • With a closed programme, we provide the programme where and when you decide.
  • With a closed programme, you create your own group(s) and so you decide on who goes with whom.
  • With a closed programme, you can use your own sources of funding, or you may have access to other funds.
  • With a closed programme, we do not require a minimum number of participants. We can work with just one person!
  • Closed programmes are ideal for groups of schools or for teacher networks in regions outside Santiago where individual schools might be too small to run a programme themselves.
  • Closed examination sessions allow entry only to those candidates approved by the session sponsor.


You may choose from programmes we currrently offer elsewhere on our site, and//or we can adapt them to suit your specific situation. For example, many schools like our Cookbook series where they can choose five sessions from the list of more than 20 available short-workshops which then meets SENCE funding requirements. Others want something bespoke or tailor-made. Some schools also combine a workshop programme with our coaching and mentoring programme. Whatever you need, we can help.

Dates and Times

We can work around your timetable and your calendar. Get your colleagues together during the day and we can be there. Evenings, weekends and holidays are all possible. Some schools are considering five consecutive Saturday Cookbook sessions or one seesion each month for the full school year, both of which also meet SENCE funding requirements.


We can come to you, no matter where you are in Chile, or we can host the programme at one of our Santiago branches.

And finally

Closed programmes provide you the most flexibility and the most convenience. To discuss whether a closed programme might be right for you or your school(s), or for information on our Online programmes, please contact us.

(If you would like us to approach your Head of Department, Co-ordinator, Director or Head of UTP to discuss a possible closed programme at your school, please let us know.)