PD for Schools, Teacher Networks, Groups of Schools or Municipalities

This information relates to Professional Development opportunities for groups of 6 – 8 teachers or more. For Professional Development opportunities for individuals and smaller groups, please click here.


As a group of teachers, you have two options. You and your colleagues can attend an “open” programme, or we can work with you to create your own bespoke or tailor-made “closed” programme. (We choose 6 participants as an easy point of reference since this is where a programme may become more affordable, although we can of course provide a closed programme for a group of any size – even for an individual!)

The decision is yours, however you may wish to consider :

  • With an open programme, you must choose from what we offer and we decide both delivery method(s) and content(s). With a closed programme, we create a programme to meet your needs.
  • With an open programme, you must come to a venue we choose (usually this is one of our branches), at a date and time we choose. With a closed programme, we provide the programme where and when you decide.
  • With an open programme, you join a group whose members may have different levels, needs and interests which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, With a closed programme, you create your own group(s) and so you decide on who goes with whom.
  • With an open programme, payment opportunities are restricted to self-payment and occasionally SENCE. With a closed programme, you may have access to other funds.

Closed programmes provide you the most flexibility and the most convenience. To discuss whether a closed programme might be right for you and your group or school(s), contact us.