Supervising and Mentoring Teachers / Performance Management

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The key role of Middle Managers is probably that of guiding, supporting and leading their team members while at the same time ensuring that “things get done”.  This can require both the velvet and the iron.



  • General vision, key policies and procedures, national, local and school-level considerations, organizational objectives
  • Constructive dialogues, scaffolding and staging
  • Appraisal and support v evaluation and measurement
  • Discipline strategies and procedures
  • Problem clinic


  • Current Heads of Department or co-ordinators and aspirants to the role
  • Current or aspirant Heads of other Departments would find this useful
  • School Leaders, Academic Directors and similar

Format     Face-to-face interactive seminar

Series     Educational Leadership

Level     Two (Extension)

Pre-requisites     English CEFR-B2

Number of hours     8

SENCE-eligible     Yes

Ley SEP eligible     Yes

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