When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking…

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Phonics is the connection between graphemes (letter symbols) and sounds. This is not everything you need to know about phonics, there’s plenty of more and it’s fun and super useful. This hands-on, two-part (eight- or sixteen-hour) workshop will provide you with the necessary background, ready-to-use activities and strategies to make your lessons fun and efficient.


reading 02 Part I           More introductory, for teachers with little or no knowledge of using phonics
Part II          More advanced, for teachers with some knowledge of using phonics
Full programme     Parts I and II combined

  • Background: What’s behind the approach?
  • Elements of Phonics
  • Phonics skills
  • Parent support
  • Role of Phonics in Reading
  • Impact of Phonics on Reading Ability

Audience     Teachers of Early Years and first-cycle (G1 – 4)

Format     Face-to-face interactive workshop

Pre-requisites     CEFR-B2

Number of hours

  • Part I           8 hours and/or
  • Part II          8 hours
  • Full programme     16 hours

Dates and times

Open Programmes : Usually Thursday afternoons and/or Saturday mornings. Contact us to register your interest in an open programme.
Closed Programmes* : By agreementReading01

SENCE-eligible     Yes
Ley SEP-eligible     Yes


*We can often run a closed programme with as few as 4 participants (slightly more outside Santiago). If you can get four friends or colleagues together, ask us about a closed programme on your date(s), at your time(s) and in your location(s).