Programmes and providers for children aged six to fourteen years old..


Methodology Programmes for Primary Teachers

We often run open enrolment methodology programmes for Primary teachers. Like us on Facebook or contact us to be placed on our email list for event news and announcements.

We can run a closed programme at your site, where you choose the contents, dates and times and participants for as few as 4 – 5 people in Santiago, and slightly more outside. Contact us to ask about a closed programme on any aspect of Primary teaching and learning.

Our programmes are Ley SEP, SENCE and FAEP eligible.

Certification Programmes for Primary Students

Ask us about Cambridge English Examinations “Young Learners” series (Starters, Movers and Flyers) for ages 8 – 11 and KET for Schools for ages 11 – 14.

Ask us about the Cambridge Primary Programme for Early Years and Primary students, ages 3 – around 11, and the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme for Upper Primary and Middle School, ages approximately 12 – 14.

Qualification Programmes for Primary Teachers

Click here for information on Cambridge English Language and Teaching qualifications for teachers.

Ask us about Cambridge Certificates for Teachers in Teaching and Learning (English / Spanish), Teaching Bilingual Learners (English only), Teaching with Digital Technologies (English / Spanish) and Educational Leadership (English / Spanish), available as both open and closed courses.

Ask us about the British University in Chile (UCBC) Certificate and Diploma programmes for trained Primary teachers wishing to cross-train as English teachers and Secondary English teachers wishing to re-train for the younger levels..


Primary education in Chile, “Educación Básica”, covers Grades 1 – 8 or ages 6 – 14. Early Years, or “Pre-básica” covers ages 3 – 5 and secondary or “Educación media” ages 15 – 18. The term “Primary” is usually used in British English to refer to ages six to twelve, and “Lower Secondary” or “Middle School” for ages 12 – 14. We include the older ages in “Primary” on this website as that best corresponds to the Chilean “Educación Básica”. If you have any doubts, please contact us for clarification.