Programmes for students at bilingual schools

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You probably have students in your school who are not at the English-level of their classmates. Perhaps they came late, missed classes through illness or just did not do the work. Perhaps they transferred from other schools and have gaps when compared to their classmates.

Británico can help these students!

Our remediation programmes are :

  • provided at no cost to your school
  • created around your programme´s needs so they do not interfere
  • held at your site so parents know their children are safe
  • convenient for parents who are therefore more likely to support them

We can provide programmes in :

remedial 02
  • English Language
    • General English
    • Academic English
    • Examination preparation
    • Essay Writing
    • Speaking, including Individual Oral Presentations
  • English Literature
    • Text-specific
    • Literary Analysis and Response
  • Mathematics in English
  • Science in English (not experimental Science)
  • Social Studies in English

(Our “extension” or enrichment programmes cater to students who are ahead of their classmates, or with the attitude and aptitude to go further.)

*Our programmes are also available in Spanish for your newly-arrived non-Spanish speakers

Contact us now to speak with a programme advisor and find out how to help your students.