Real Fantasy Writing

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Fantasy has always been popular with young and adult readers, and with the advent of Harry Potter, Thor and the Avengers and The Walking Dead is currently at the edge of mainstream culture. For the young learner who needs to write to develop the writing and stroy-telling skills, fantasy can be an ideal vehicle. Fortunately, the pitfalls in writing fantasy are easy to spot and easy to avoid.

What : This programme examines the style and characteristics of fantasy wirting,especially in terms of short stories and vignettes, explores activities and teaching approaches and provides an fantasy 03assessment framework.

Who : Teachers of students from G6 (6ºB) and up

Length : eight hours – one-day intensive or two half-days semi-intensive or four two-hour sessions

Eligible for SENCE :yes

Eligible for Ley SEP : yes

Format : interactive seminar

Modalities : face-to-face “open”, or face-to-face “closed”

Recommended previous programmes : none

Recommended English level : CEFR-B2 or higher*

Programme Fee ; CLP80 000 (before SENCE)

Contents :

Session I – Definition and Examples
Session II – A teaching Model
Starters III – Activities and Approaches
Starters IV – Evaluation

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