Story-telling for Teachers of Early Years and Young Learners

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Teachers tell stories. We combine characters, events, information and messages, and we create a drama between the story and our students. We mix emotion with reason, facts with fiction, realism with fantasy. We re-tell the stories of others, we embellish, we develop and extend and we create our own stories. We use the power of our bodies, our movements and gestures, our faces and expressions and our voices to make magic.

Contents     This workshop introduces teachers to the techniques of storytelling, and helps teachers crstories 02eate their own storytelling practices. Participants consider how stories can be used for instruction, how they can lead to essential questions and how they can provoke the listener to move ahead in the learning journey. Participants will learn how to tell stories, practise classroom activities and explore how to incorporate storytelling into their planning.

Audience     Early Years teachers (PB, K); G1 – 4 / First Cycle Teachers (1º – 4ºB); will also find this programme helpful

Format     Face-to-face interactive seminar

Pre-requisites     English CEFR-B2*

Number of hours     8

Dates and times

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SENCE-eligible     YesStories 01
Ley SEP-eligible     Yes


  • Contact us to register your interest in an open programme
  • Closed Programmes* : by agreement

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