Taking the Pain out of Pairing

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pairs 07Pairwork activities are essential in the communicative classroom, and are invaluable when practising and developing oral production skills. However, too often they go badly and objectives are not met and in fact, they can often result in student misbehaviour. More often than not, such concerns can be avoided by smart pairing and this programme will provide you with 10 new, tried and true approaches to pairing which are teacher-friendly and firmly provide the necessary task emphasis.

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This methodology and classroom practice-focussed  programme comes from Británico´s Two-hour Programme series. Two-hour programmes are not eligible for SENCE, however any four, eight and ten two-hour programmes can be combined to become SENCE-eligible. Contact us for more information on creating your own SENCE programme. All two-hour programmes assume a minimum level of CEFR-B2*.

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