Teaching Grammar

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What : Teaching Grammar is a practical workshop with motivating, innovative, dynamic and appealing activities to make the Grammar teaching-learning process fun and, at the same time, make students see Grammar as an interesting and necessary tool in the acquisition of a foreign language and not as dull.

Who : Second-cycle school (G5 – 8) and high school teachers (G 9 – 12 / 1º – 4ºM)

Length : eight hours – one-day intensive or two half-days semi-intensive or four two-hour sessions

Format : interactive seminar

Modalities : face-to-face “open”, or face-to-face “closed”

Recommended previous programmes : Participants should have at least one year´s teaching experience.

Recommended English level : CEFR-B2 or higher*

Contents :

  • Quick check of Grammar structures from CEFR-A2 to CEFR-B2 (basic to upper-intermediate)
  • Teaching Grammar to school students. (Brief theory, then lots of practice)
  • Using games to teach Grammar
  • Classroom management when teaching Grammar
  • Problem clinic (particpants bring queries and concerns to be addressed)
  • Sharing of different approaches

Eligible for SENCE : yes
Eligible for Ley SEP : yes

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