Teaching Pronunciation

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A hands-on pronunciation workshop including ready-to-implement activities such as pronunciation games, audio discrimination exercises, role-playing games, karaoke and tongue twisters among others.

Speak 05Contents     Contents range from minimal sound units to suprasegmental phonological phenomena: the English vowel system, the English consonant system, minimal pairs, spelling & punctuation, allophonic variation, basic English tones, intonation patterns & communicative functions, features of connected speech, phonological assimilation, consonant elision, vowel elision, registers and pronunciation styles.

Audience     This programme is aimed at (a) High School (G9 – 12 / 1º – 4ºM) teachers and/or (b) teachers of young adults and adults and/or (c) teachers of students at a CEFR-B2 level or higher, although anyone with an interest in teaching pronunciation would find it useful.

Format     Face-to-face interactive seminar

Pre-requisites     English CEFR-B2

Number of hours     8 or 16

Dates and times

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SENCE-eligible     Yes
Ley SEP-eligible     Yesspeak 01


  • Contact us to register your interest in an open programme
  • Closed Programmes* : by agreement

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