The Británico Cookbook

This information describes the contents of our famous Cookbook. It is not an event notice, so if you would like to know when an open programme is to be offered, join our emailing list and like us on Facebook to receive regular updates.
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The Británico Cookbook is a menu of tested and proven, hands-on and practical sessions with activities and resources you can take away and use in your classroom; you create your own programme by choosing sessions from this menu. The 2015 Menu lists sessions of 3¼ hours; these can also be taken as two-hour and/or four-hour sessions. The 2016 Menu lists two-hour and four-hour sessions.

Choose a sessional, semi-intensive (half-day) or intensive (full-day) Cookbook. Ask us about FAEP / Ley SEP / SENCE funding possibilities. Note that SENCE-eligible programmes must be 8, 16 or 32 / 33 hours in length. A minimum English level of CEFR-B2 is required to take a Cookbook course.

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Cookbook Option A (any length)

Choose any session(s) from the 2015 Menu and/or the 2016 Menu.

Cookbook Option B (16 or 33 hours)

Choose any five (16 hours total) or ten sessions (33 hours total) from the 2015 Menu.

Cookbook Option C (8, 16, 32 hours)

Choose any session from the 2015 Menu and we will shorten it to two hours or lengthen it to four hours. Four 2-hour, two 4-hour sessions or two plus one make an 8-hour programme; double or quadruple this to create programmes of 16 and 32 (or 33) hours.

Cookbook Option D (8, 16, 32 hours)

Choose any combination of sessions from the 2016 Menu to create your own 8, 16 or 32 (or 33)-hour programme.

Cookbook Option E (8, 16, 32 hours)

Choose any combination of sessions from the 2015 Menu (to be shortened or lengthened) and/or the 2016 Menu to create your own 8, 16 or 32 (or 33)-hour programme.

Non-SENCE Options

Ask about other possibilities.

The Británico Cookbook is constantly reviewed and updated so please check back, or join our emailing list to learn of new sessions as they are released. If you would like something we do not yet offer, please let us know.

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