The Británico Group Oral Test

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A communicative classroom means exactly that : students must communicate, and the role of the teacher is to create situations where genuine communication will occur. Unfortunately, too often the communication veers off-task and the role of the teacher changes from facilitating to policing.

A related concern for the communicative teacher in a groupwork situation is how to assess one group, reliably and validly, without other students and groups making poor choices.

What : The Británico Group Oral Test addresses all the above in a simple, teacher-friendly, authentic and student-centred activity providing :

GOT 01
  • individual prepared oral presentations
  • chaired group discussions
  • spontaneous and genuine student particiaption
  • assessments of the three performances or skill-sets above

in a multi-group, large class environment.

Who : All teachers who seek to use student participation as an element of the teaching and learning process. All teachers who wish to assess students authentically and reliably in a teacher-friendly, student-centred activity.

Length : eight hours – one-day intensive or two half-days semi-intensive or four two-hour sessions

Eligible for SENCE : yes

Eligible for Ley SEP : yes

Format : interactive seminar

Modalities : face-to-face “open”, or face-to-face “closed”

Recommended previous programmes : none

GOT 02

Recommended English level : CEFR-B2 or higher*

Programme Fee ; CLP110,000 (before SENCE)

Contents :

Session I – Justifications, setting up and running the Group Oral Test, the role of the teacher
Session II – Individual Oral Presentation
Starters III – Group Discussion
Starters IV – Practical activity, assessment

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