Top in Chile


Mr Victor Orellana, Director of Quality Assurance, UCBC

The Ministry of Education (“MinEduc”) has ranked the British University (“UCBC”) among the top three institutions in Chile for the employability of its translation-studies graduates.

“The importance of this ranking cannot be ignored,” said Mr Victor Orellana, UCBC Director of Quality Assurance. “It is not a magazine report or a rumour. [The MinEduc study] places the UCBC among many very prestigious institutions, some of which have been accredited for six years.”

“It reaffirms our commitment to develop competent professionals with the highest level of English, and within the framing of the cultures of English-speaking countries,” he said. The MinEduc report can be accessed here.

The British University launched its degree programme in English-Spanish translation in 2006 and plans to embark on its application for accreditation from 2015. For more information on this programme, please click here. For enrolment and other information, please contact us.