Mixed-up with verb tenses? Not any more!

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This workshop provides teachers with innovative and appealing activities and methods to teach English verb tenses. A brief theoretical discussion on the importance of understanding verb tenses, their use and form is followed by interactive and productive activities which participants are encouraged to adapt to their teaching realities. Participants share experiences with the group, and finally a problem clinic reviews participants´ strengths and weaknesses.time 02


  • Time does not equal tense
  • Active and passive
  • Simple, Continuous and Perfect
  • Forms and Uses
  • Problem Clinic

Audience     Second-cycle (G5 – 8) and High School (G9 – 12 / 1º – 4ºM) teachers

Format     Face-to-face interactive workshop

Pre-requisites     CEFR-B2

Number of hours     8 hours

Dates and times

SENCE-eligible     Yes
Ley SEP-eligible     Yes


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*We can often run a closed programme with as few as 4 participants (slightly more outside Santiago). If you can get four friends or colleagues together, ask us about a closed programme on your date(s), at your time(s) and in your location(s).