What is English?

A clear definition is really your, your school´s and your department´s Mission Statement.


A clear definition determines direction.

A clear definition focuses goals and objectives and provides a basis for change.

A clear definition provides a framework for thinking and a template for decision-making.

A clear definition forms the basis for consistency and provides a common language.

A clear definition shapes strategy, and facilitates evaluation and improvement.


By “English”, do you mean :

  • the Use of English – oral, writen, visual
  • the Study of English – etymology, varieties, semantics, philology, sociolinguistics
  • the Study of English Literature – literature in its context, reader. response, analysis and criticism
  • preparation for English Examinations – such as Cambridge English for Young Learners, Cambridge English for Schools
  • English as a Service Subject – such as English for Mathematics, English for Science, English as a Medium of Instruction, “Content and Language Integrated Learning”

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