Wooda, cooda, shooda : a fresh look at conditionals in English

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At first glance, conditionals seem quite easy : a second thing requires a first thing. However as any language learner and language teacher  knows, things are not always what they seem and this applies too to conditionals in English. Native speakers do not always use them correctly, while special traps await Spanish-speakers.

conds 02 What : This programme reviews the four conditionals in English, uses and misuses, hidden and false forms, when / should / had conditionals, the subjunctive, future time, common problems, interference errors and teaching approaches and activities.

Who : Students, teachers and others interested in contemporary English usage.

Length : eight hours – one-day intensive or two half-days semi-intensive or four two-hour sessions

Eligible for SENCE :yes

Eligible for Ley SEP : yes

Format : interactive seminar

Modalities : face-to-face “open”, or face-to-face “closed”

Recommended previous programmes : none

Recommended English level : CEFR-B2 or higher*

Programme Fee ; CLP80 000 (before SENCE)

Contents :conds 03

Session I – Definitions, purposes, forms, uses
Session II – Practice, discrimination, coursebook presentations
Session III – Practice, discrimination, activities and approaches,activities and approaches
Session IV – Common concerns and a problem clinic

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